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Stump Grinding

Stump grinding does exactly what it sounds like! Our professionals use specialized equipment to turn the stump into mulch, grinding it down until it is below the surface by several inches. We then fill in the hole above the old stump, and you’re ready for planting! Stump grinding can be done on any size stump, or we can access most locations, even those that are hard to reach. And you can use the mulch that is created in garden beds or around your yard. Stump grinding is a practical solution if the root system is either not problematic, is not easily accessible, or is too large to be removed safely. Stump grinding typically only takes a couple of hours, and leaves minimal or no damage to surrounding landscaping.

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Stump Removal

If a tree stump has a root system that is still growing, or you plan to install a fence or plant another tree where the old tree was, then stump removal is the best option for you. Stump excavation is done by cutting away part of the root system and digging out the tree stump. This ensures that the tree will not grow back and removes the root ball. We then fill in the hole that is left, leaving you with a clean slate to plant or build whatever you want in the space! This is most easily done on trees that are smaller and are easily accessible for removal. The larger the tree stump, the more established the roots, and the harder they are to remove. Because of the amount of labor and the equipment required to remove a stump, it may cause damage to nearby grass or landscaping.

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Tree Removal

We can also remove fallen trees from your yard, and also remove the wood from your property. In addition to stump grinding, stump removal, and tree removal, we also offer a variety of tree trimming services, as well as tree maintenance, including treating for Emerald Ash Borer.

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Why us?

Whether you need a stump removed or ground down, we have solutions for you! 

When a tree comes down in your yard, whether it was from a storm, rot, or you had it taken down, there will be an unsightly stump left in your yard. These stumps can cause lots of problems, not to mention that they are an eyesore. While there are many ways to try to get rid of the stump, our professionals will make sure that it is taken care of quickly and safely. 

Getting rid of the tree is only half the problem. After the tree is gone, you’re left with a stump that could potentially keep trying to grow, rot, or become a haven for pests and critters. A stump in your yard can be a nuisance when trying to mow the lawn, potentially causing damage to your lawn mower. They can also be tripping hazards when playing in the yard, leading to injuries. For stumps that are living, the root system will continue to spread, making it more difficult to get rid of, not to mention potential damage done to your yard, drainage system or foundation due to the root system. Stumps that are left untouched will continue putting up new branches. Unless the stump is removed or ground down, it will continue to try to regrow. Stumps that are rotting can become nesting ground for nasty insects like termites and ants. 

Trying to address the stump by yourself can be labor intensive. There are many chemicals that will help “rot” the stump and kill the root system, but these chemicals are toxic, and can take a very long time to work, up to a year! Trying to dig up the stump or cut through the roots yourself  can be extremely dangerous. The root ball on trees is often 5 to 10 times size the tree, meaning trying to dig it out is a massive undertaking. Without the proper equipment and experience, this can take dozens of hours, not to mention it can be life threatening if something goes awry.

When you use our professionals for your tree stump grinding or stump removal, we ensure that the job will be done right! We can provide solutions for you, no matter where the tree stump is located or the size of the stump, and ensure that your yard will look great again. Whether your tree coming down was planned or not, we’ll deal with the stump!

The only solution to correct these problems is to get rid of the stump professionally! Depending on the age, size and location of the tree stump, there are two main ways to address it: stump removal or stump grinding.


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Frequently Asked Stump Grinding Questions

Will the stump grow back?

No! Whether you have the stump removed completely or we do stump grinding, the stump will not grow back. With stump removal, the root system is severed and therefore will die. With stump grinding, the stump is ground to several inches below the surface and covered so that it will not grow back. Some species of tree can put off runner roots even when the stump is ground down, however these roots are small and can easily be pulled up or mowed down. 

Will stump grinding and removal damage my lawn?

Stump grinding will minimally disturb the surrounding lawn or landscaping. The equipment used to grind will not cause damage to the areas around the stump. However, if you are having a stump removed, there will be some disturbance to the surrounding areas. The process of completely removing a stump is labor intensive and can require some larger equipment in order to haul the stump and root ball out. However, we do fill in any areas that are disturbed in the process.

How does stump grinding work?

Stump grinding chips away the stump until it is below the surface of the yard by several inches. A specialized piece of machinery turns the wood into mulch, then the remaining hole is covered in mulch and soil. You’re left with mulch you can use anywhere in your yard, and you can seed over the old stump.

Before / After Stump Grinding

I want to plant a new tree where the old one was. What do I need to do?

In order to plant a new tree where the old tree was, you need to remove the tree stump completely. By removing the old tree stump and root ball, you make room for a new tree to be planted. If the tree stump is simply ground down, most of the root system and stump remain underground, meaning a new tree cannot be planted. If you opt for tree stump grinding instead of removal, any new trees will have to be planted nearby, but not directly where the old tree was. 

Will there be a hole in my yard?

Tree stump removal and grinding both leave holes, however we clean up after ourselves! Our professionals will fill in any holes that are left from the grinding and removal process, leaving you with a beautiful, flush yard.

Is any maintenance required after the stump removal or grinding?

Depending on the weather and how large the hole was from the stump removal, you may need to add topsoil to the area. As rain and time compact the soil, a slight dip may develop where the tree was. However, adding a layer of topsoil to it will make it flush again and eventually the soil will be compacted enough that it will no longer require maintenance. If the roots of the tree were not removed or killed, small runner roots may appear nearby. These roots are easily pulled up, or can be mowed over in order to remove them.

Why should I have my tree stump removed?

There are several reasons to have tree stumps removed or ground down.

  • Unsightly
  • Obstacle to lawn mowing
  • Cause damage to lawn equipment
  • Hazard that can cause trips and injuries
  • Pests can nest in stumps
  • Continues to send up new growth
  • Root system continues to grow causing problems for foundations, sidewalks, underground piping, etc.
  • Want to plant a new tree

Should I have my tree stump ground or removed?

That decision depends on a number of factors. Tree stump grinding is an effective way to get rid of the unsightly stump itself, however it leaves the root system intact. If the root system is affecting nearby structures such as a foundation or drainage lines, then grinding will not kill the roots. If you are planning on planting a new tree or building a fence or other structure that will need space underground, then the stump will  have to be removed in order to get rid of the root ball beneath the surface. Tree stump removal will leave a large hole in your yard and will take longer to do, however the root system will be killed. The larger the tree, the larger the root ball, and therefore not all tree stumps can be removed. 

Why do I need a professional to take care of my tree stump?

Stump removal can be dangerous business if not taken care of properly. The tree root system is much larger than the stump itself and can be extremely heavy. Trying to pull out a tree root with a chain and truck can be not only dangerous, but deadly! If you want to try to rot a stump out yourself with chemicals, it can take months, or even years. Our professionals have the proper equipment and training to be able to safely and effectively remove the tree stump or grind it down, all while causing minimal disturbance to the surrounding area. For us, it’s all in a day’s work.

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